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If you import or export, having an account in the currency you buy or sell in can make it easier to manage exchange rate risk.

You can carry out all Foreign Trade operations using this account, and then buy or sell currency when it best suits you.

If you are a private individual, you can also open a currency account for all your needs.

A foreign currency deposit is a fixed term deposit contract, denominated in US dollars, Pounds sterling, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Danish krone, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, Australian dollars or Canadian dollars, with 100% guarantee for the capital deposited, full liquidity and fixed interest.

Service provided by us at the request of a customer, which involves sending information on a daily basis about the accounts they hold with us, using the international SWIFT channel

The recipient of this information can be a financial entity indicated by the customer that acts as a centralising cash management entity for the customer at an international level, or the customer itself through a holding or a global business group.

Through this service, at 07:15 every day, Cajamar, Caja Rural automatically sends a SWIFT message informing the recipient of the daily movements registered between 07:15 of the previous day and the moment the message is sent, in all the accounts held by our customer and covered by the service, in euros and other currencies.

If you have one or several accounts denominated in foreign currencies, you can transfer money between them or between those accounts and your Euro account.

You can do this through your branch with the option of agreeing an exchange rate for amounts over 30,000 € or through Electronic Banking.