MasterCard Professional card

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The credit card you need . It offers the security and support you are looking for.

What can CAJAMAR’s new MasterCard Business card offer me?

The CAJAMAR MasterCard Professional card is a credit card that replaces the cash payments and receipts usually used to control spending and expenses.

The way it works is very simple. You assign a monthly limit to the card. You use it at any MasterCard ATM and at businesses that accept MasterCard to make payments related with your professional activity. And every month you will receive a statement showing your card activity. This way, you can forget about sorting through receipts, expenses and paperwork. Quickly and effectively, you can control all payments made over the month.

The new CAJAMAR MasterCard Professional card is an easy and secure method of payment that saves you time

The CAJAMAR MasterCard Professional credit card offers the following methods of repayment :

  • Full balance: one payment is taken at the start of each month, clearing all the outstanding balance in full. No interest is generated.
  • Percentage of the total amount outstanding.(1)
  • Fixed monthly instalment.(2)
  • On credit, with a personalised payment plan (SCP): you can choose individually and separately for each purchase when you start paying (up to 6 months later) and over how many months (from 1 to 60). (Minimum monthly instalment: 30 euros).(3)


The new MasterCard Professional card offers you a series of advantages just for having it.

By calling the Freephone number 900 971 231 you can access the MasterCard Global Service and benefit from all these services designed to help you:

  • Emergency replacement of your CAJAMAR MasterCard Professional card.
  • Locating an ATM that accepts your CAJAMAR MasterCard Professional card.
  • Access to exclusive offers through MasterCard.

You also benefit from the following insurance cover:

  • Damage suffered on trips paid for using this card. For Death, absolute or partial permanent disability, hijacking, and loss of luggage.
  • Insured sums: €751,265.13 in the event of death, permanent disability, and absolute professional incapacity.
  • For individuals under the age of 70 and for any kind of accident that takes place anywhere in the world.
  • Insured sums: Purchases made during the twelve months prior to the accident, capped at €3,005.
  • Card cloning, loss, or theft.
  • Insured sums: Maximum €6,000 with an excess of €300.
  • For checked-in luggage (considered lost if it cannot be located within 48 hours).
  • Insured sums: Maximum of €6,000.

Issuance fee: 45 euros. Maintenance charge: 45 euros. (If annual usage is more than €3,000 a discount of €-15 will be applied, taking the maintenance charge to €30 / year).

  1. Percentage chosen by the customer between 10% and 25% applicable to the amount of credit used.
    • Interest rate: 17.40 - APR: 18.85% calculated on an operation of 600 euros to be paid over 12 months, where each instalment accounts for 20% of the capital pending repayment every month plus the corresponding interests; in this example, the first instalment would be: 120 euros of capital (20% of 600 euros) plus 8.70 euros in interest, giving a total of 128.70 euros; each instalment is calculated in the same way each month, in line with the percentage of capital pending repayment.
  2. Includes interest and fees. There is a minimum amount depending on the amount of credit on the card:

    Minimum instalment depending on the amount
    Card limit (€) Minimum monthly instalment
    < 600 €40
    600 to 999.99 €70
    1,000 to 1,499.99 €100
    1,500 to 1,799.99 €125
    1,800 to 2,499.99 €175
    2,500 to 3,600 €250
    > 3,600 7% of limit
    • Interest rate: 17.40 - APR: 18.86% calculated for an operation of 599 euros payable over 12 months through constant monthly instalments covering capital and interest. The resulting instalment is 54.75 euros/month, and the final instalment: 54.69 euros. Total amount debited: 656.94 euros.
  3. All the information you need:
    • APR: 15.62% calculated on a period of 12 months with a purchase of 555.73 euros. NIR per annum: 17.40%. Monthly instalment from 46.31 euros up to 53.70 euros over the repayment term. Calculated with no grace period. Total debited amount: 600 euros.