Business Flat Rate scheme


The services you use the most at the price you're looking for

The services you use the most at the price you are looking for.

With our Flat Rate schemes, you will get the services you always use… at no extra cost

If you are self-employed, or own a business or company, you can benefit from our flat rate schemes depending on the number of products and services you have or take out with us that are customary to your activity.

The Flat Rate schemes offered by Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar allow for efficient management of the financial services that support business and professional activity:

  • Demand deposit with full availability through Electronic Banking, keeping you fully informed through the virtual mailbox, and the ability to issue Euro Transfers through SEPA and deposit cheques drawn in euros on Spanish financial entities.

If you are not yet a customer and you launched your business activity over the past year, your flat rate scheme comes with even more advantages.

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