Cash Flow

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cuenta credito

Credit account

It adapts to the needs of your business, covering cash flow requirements without having to wait for customers to pay, in order to pay suppliers, etc...

You can set up any kind of direct debits, without having to worry about due dates.

Maximum amount: According to your real finance needs.

Commercial discounting

To collect outstanding payments owing to you in advance, and finance whatever you need quickly and easily.


Service based on assigning the collection rights for your invoices, offering coverage, collection management and finance.

It brings down the administrative costs of managing your invoice collections.



Offering suppliers the option of collecting on their invoices in advance is a service that adds quality to your relationship and increases their loyalty.

Security: The processing of information by means of magnetic media eliminates the risk of manipulating physical documents.

Reduction in administrative costs, since we deal with the entire payment process.

We manage the payment of documents presented on the indicated dates.

The supplier can request collection on their invoices in advance.

Option to achieve a better bargaining position in supplier negotiations in terms of times and costs, owing to the added value of early payment.