Collections and payments. We offer you the latest collection and payment systems

Remittance management

Cajamar Caja Rural can help you to manage your remittances for bills, salaries, transfers, direct debits, and credit advances:

  • If you do not have your own file generation programme that meets current requirements, we can offer you the following tools:
    • Génesis programme (in Spanish), a programme you can download free of charge and install on your computer. It can create your remittances quickly and easily. If you prefer, you can also access the rules and specifications to develop your own programme.
    • or if you do not want to install a programme, you can create, manage and send files directly on line through our Electronic Banking Service, using the tool provided Web Remittances tool (in Spanish), which is available once you have logged in.
  • Send your remittances easily and in record time through Electronic Banking.
  • Obtain detailed information and find out the status of remittances submitted to Cajamar Caja Rural.
  • Obtain via electronic banking information about returned bills and variations in the drawees’ account.


Save time and money, starting now!

Start sending and receiving electronic invoices using the e-invoicing platform provided by Cajamar Caja Rural. Manage your invoices with no paperwork, bringing costs down and making the process faster and more secure .

With the electronic invoicing platform offered by Cajamar Caja Rural, integrating electronic invoicing into your company’s existing processes and management systems is simple. The entire invoicing process continues in exactly the same way right up to the last stage. Instead of printing out and sending paper invoices, they will be transformed, signed, and sent electronically using the e-invoicing platform. And remember, electronic invoices or e-invoices are fully valid in Spain.

e factura

The e-invoicing platform is integrated into our electronic banking system. You do not need to install any new applications. Just sign into your electronic banking and you can issue invoices electronically:

  • Without needing an electronic certificate.
  • Without having to adapt to the system of each supplier or customer.
  • With the possibility of ‘saving’ paper.
  • Integrated with your ERP software.

Find out all about the advantages of electronic invoicing and the features of our platform at


We are ready, willing, and able to process any deposits and debits you have set up in your account with Us, with the same guarantees and reliability, regardless of whether they are presented to us through the current channels or through new SEPA schemes.

We are able to process new SEPA flat files or ‘cuadernos’, for transfers (C34-14) and debits (C19-14 and C19-44), submitted via our Electronic Banking Service or at our Branches.

We will provide you with Rules and specifications (in Spanish), programmes (in Spanish) and updates, as well as the following recommendations regarding their usage:

  • If you use our Web Remittances tool (in Spanish) service, or the Online Remittances option within Electronic Banking, the migration process will be automatic.
  • If you use your own programme, it must be updated. If you do not have time, you can download our converter.

Are you ready to issue SEPA files for direct debits (issue c19 bills)? Find the answers to your questions at our

Payment of salaries


  • Security, speed and ease when collecting salary payments.
  • Free direct deposit arrangement.
  • Access to preferential credit facilities:
    • Advance payment of up to one month’s salary.
    • Advance payment of up to 3 months’ salary or a maximum amount of €6,000.
    • Personal consumer loan.
    • Mortgage.
    • Access to our other services.
  • Free Access to Car Insurance.

Payment of taxes and social security

You can pay your taxes with different administrative bodies, along with social security payments, simply, using our Electronic Banking Service.

PoS Terminals


  • Wireless PoS Terminal: especially designed for when a landline is not available or when your professional activity does not take place in a fixed location.
  • Virtual PoS Terminal: this allows retailers to manage payments taken over the internet, with absolute confidence and security for vendor and buyer.