Electronic Banking: Advanced services

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Electronic Banking: Advanced services


Electronic Invoicing Service, allowing customers to manage and issue draft and final invoices for collection and payment. Complies with legal requirements.

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Paying in cheques, manually or with a reader

Available 24 hours a day. The main advantage is that it saves time and money, it is very easy to use, gives you greater control over each document, and provides quick status updates about possible returns. Customers who manage a large volume of cheques can request a cheque reader so they can generate their own remittances.

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Batch tax payments

All tax returns corresponding to the same form, year, and period can be presented jointly and automatically.

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Web Remittances: online generation of remittances for bills, transfers, salaries, and direct debits

Tool available within Electronic Banking that allows you to manage remittances for bills, transfers, salaries, and direct debits.

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Sending remittances: bills (payable on demand, discounted, in collection management), transfers, direct debits, and confirming

Customers don’t need to worry about branch opening times or going down to their local branch in order to send remittances for bills (payable on demand, discounted, in collection management), transfers, direct debits, and confirming.

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Comprehensive management of business finance, allowing customers to check deposits, deposits paid in advance, outstanding bills, and carry out simulations for new finance options, among other options.


Discount lines

Customers can find out the latest status of their discount line, its limit, current risk, remittances presented, details of the bills presented, expiring soon, and unpaid.

linea de descuento

International Business

We support the international activity of our customers through our international services, which can manage and offer solutions for their export and import operations.


PoS Terminals: view transactions and movements, download files, cancel operations.

View and manage operations (full and partial refunds) carried out using a PoS Terminal.


Business card management

Manage all cards in real time.