Electronic Banking: Basic services

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Electronic Banking: Basic services

View transactions and movements

consulta movimientos

C43 statements

Customers can obtain statements for their accounts in excel format or according to rule 43. This allows businesses to process information directly in their own spreadsheets or accounting programmes.

movimientos c 43

Virtual Mailbox

Correspondence management that allows you to view, print out, and store any document. Always completely free of charge.

buzon virtual

Bill management

Comprehensive service that allows customers to manage bills they need to deal with, process outstanding bills or manage their bills within the timeframe for returning them, together with an alerts service, to avoid any nasty surprises.

gestion de recibos

View cheques and bills: outstanding, deposited, returned, post-dated

Comprehensive management of cheques pending collection/payment or deposited and pending settlement. View returned cheques.

cheques y efectos

Transfers: National, Euro, and Target.

This service allows you to transfer amounts between your Cajamar accounts, and to order transfers to other national and international banks. Quickly and securely.


Pay Taxes and Social Security.

Service that allows you to pay taxes and social security quickly and easily on line with no delays or administrative procedures.

pagos impuestos

Online broker: Buy and sell repos, find out economic and market information.

Find out information about 20 stock markets from all around the world and trade on line. Choose model portfolios that adapt to different investment profiles, analyse the performance of funds and securities, check comparative graphics, reports, expert recommendations etc. Check information and search for funds and securities before investing, quickly and simply.

broker online

Electronic banking alerts

Electronic banking notifies customers when a situation requires their attention, making it easier for them to manage their accounts: returned or outstanding bills, operations that need a signature, new messages in their virtual mailbox, and cheques to be charged to the account or returned.