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Our account for young customers

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This number is indicative of the product risk, where 1/6 indicates lower risk, and 6/6 indicates greater risk.

Cajamar Caja Rural is a member of the Spanish Credit Entities Deposit Guarantee Fund. The maximum amount guaranteed actually by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor.

The Young Savers' Account is a special current account for people aged 18 to 30.

Also, with your Young Savers' Account...

Libreta electrónica

Electronic Savings Book

Instead of a conventional savings book, you will have a customised "Electronic Savings Book" free of charge, which identifies you as Joven account holder. This "book" bears your name and account number, and also allows you to check:

  • Your balance
  • Account movements

Pursuant to Act 22/2007, of 11 July, regarding the remote commercialisation of financial services aimed at consumers, here you can view the relevant Pre-contract information (PDF 109 KB.).

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