Mobile banking

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Windows 8*

Windows store
(*)Available for tablets/PCs with Windows 8

These are some of the multiple functions used most frequently by customers:

tablet notif


Free alerts service notifying you of major account and card movements. Not available with the Windows 8 or Kindle app.

tablet broker


Buying and selling securities. You can trade and view all your operations, as well as the current status of the Stock Market.

tablet mis finanzas

My finances

This service helps you to improve your personal finances, making it so simple to find out the state of your finances.

tablet aplaza compras

Spread or defer your payments!

Calculate timeframes and instalment amounts for each purchase. And, if you wish, defer payment immediately using your tablet.

tablet e shopping


Set up this prepayment card for your online shopping and gain invaluable peace of mind.

tablet sticker

Sticker Card

Apply for your NFC card and pay the contactless way. Stick it on your mobile.

tablet of ca

Branches and ATMs

Find your branch or locate the nearest branch or ATM to contact or request information.

We also have our mobile APP