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A quick way to oversee and manage your accounts

My Finances is the service that helps improve the organisation of our personal economy. Finding out all about our financial situation has never been so easy and useful.

Just register using the electronic banking passwords and find out the status and evolution of your personal economy. All the information we need: evolution of the balances of our financial products (accounts, deposits, credit cards, loans, etc.), deposits and withdrawals, movements...

Mis Finanzas: video explicativo

We can easily:

Consult the situation of our savings as well as our credits and loans today and in past months. Its evolution over a period of time can be consulted globally or for each product.

Mis Finanzas

Consult total income and outgoings for the month and their evolution throughout the year. It is also possible to consult how to distribute income and outgoings into different categories and compare amounts with the average for the year and the budget.

Mis Finanzas

Consult movements in our accounts and credit cards, classifying and labelling them, adding comments and even filing, such as copies of an invoice in pdf or an image or document in Word or Excel. So we will have our files saved in the cloud safely.

Mis Finanzas

Plan budgets and check their fulfilment or any deviations. To help us plan our personal economy for the year, we can indicate foreseen expenses each moth and then check their fulfilment.

Mis Finanzas

Activate the alert service which advises us of certain situations: movements in our accounts, monthly expenses for a certain category have been exceeded or any deviation from the budget.

Mis Finanzas

Personaliseinformation according to our needs:
  • The home screen can be freely configured to include graphs.
  • Different profiles can be created to group our accounts: personal accounts, business accounts or association of owners' accounts.
  • Movements of our accounts can be organised by associating them to our preferred categories and assigning labels to them.
Mis Finanzas

The time has come to check and control all of our accounts practically and visually in the most entertaining way.

Acceder a Mis Finanzas
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Accede a Mis finanzas: una forma rápida de supervisar y gestionar tus cuentas ahora mismo.