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Authorising higher risk transactions with your mobile phone

17 De de 2010

Through this system, you authorise higher risk operations (such as transfers, hal cash, etc.) carried out using our Electronic and Phone Banking services by entering a random and unique code that we will send to your mobile phone in a text message. For all other operations, you will continue to use your personal codes card for authorisation.

Any users can request the activation of this new authorisation system at their local branch, and it is additional to the existing codes card.

Once the service has been activated, the procedure used when carrying out a transaction is as follows:

  • Enter the details of the transaction. When the system has to confirm, it will ask you to enter the code sent to your mobile phone.
  • You will receive a text message with the details of the transaction and the code you need to confirm it.
  • Check the details included in the text message to make sure they pertain to the transaction you wish to confirm.
  • Type in the code received and the transaction will be carried out.