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Create, administer and issue your invoice remittances directly through electronic banking

10 De de 2010

You can now manage all your invoice remittances without having to install any additional programmes on your computer. Through the electronic banking website, you can access your database of drawees and issue remittances instantly. You can do this anywhere that has a computer and internet access. An ideal service for residents' and other associations, clubs, etc. with fewer than 100 drawees and which need a simple tool to issue their bills.

All you have to do is choose the following option in electronic banking: Files > Send > Bills. To use this service, you must be a registered user of our electronic banking service and apply to your branch to become an issuer of invoice remittances.

And remember, if you need more advanced management tools, you can download Génesis programme, a free programme that will enable you to create remittances and then issue them via electronic banking.

With these two options, once the remittances have been issued, you can also use electronic banking to view the status of your remittances and receive notifications of returned bills.