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New electronic invoicing platform

01 De de 2010

Companies and self-employed professionals can now use Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar's new electronic invoicing platform. A platform that will allow them to send and receive invoices electronically, so they no longer have to print and send them by post. Invoices are signed using a digital certificate that confirms the identity of the issuer.

The e-invoicing platform is part of Electronic Banking, so you can invoice:

  • Without having to install any software.
  • Without needing an electronic certificate.
  • Without having to adapt to the system used by each supplier or client.
  • In a way that is integrated with your accounting and invoicing management software (ERP).

Among other functions, this platform is able to issue and receive invoices, store them and allow you to view their status, send out electronic alerts for changes in status, and generate VAT books. It will soon be possible to pay and collect invoices by linking directly to the corresponding electronic banking option: transfer orders, transfer remittances (C34), bills (C19), credit advances (C58), direct debit payments (C68) and confirming.

Using this platform offers numerous advantages: it saves on costs and time spent sending out invoices, enables the electronic archiving of all your invoices and gives a modern image.

Soon, the issuance of electronic invoices will be essential, and companies and self-employed professionals who work with the Government will be obliged to issue their invoices in electronic format.

To activate the electronic invoicing service, just ask at your local branch.