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Improvements in account transaction queries

08 De de 2011

Now, our electronic banking system allows you to obtain information about account transactions from up to 10 years ago, or even more. Now you can see your account transactions from 2001, when they were still in pesetas!

Before now, it was only possible to view movements from the last 18 months. This limitation is common to most electronic banking services, to prevent the tables where transactions are stored from being excessively large, thereby speeding up customer query times.

This does not mean that banks "lose" older transactions; just that they regularly migrate older transactions to a different table, known as an archive, which includes all account movements, but which normally is not accessible through electronic banking.

Because we sometimes need to obtain older information, here at Cajamar we have changed transaction queries for electronic banking so that, if you wish to view recent information, the process is still the same; however, if you wish to know information from several years ago, electronic banking looks for the information in your account archive, so we are at last able to display these transactions.

For how long are account transactions available for consultation?

Cajamar is the result of a series of mergers between various banking entities; therefore, the date from which transactions are available will depend on the original bank where the account was opened:

  • Caja Rural de Almería: 1985.
  • Caja Rural de Málaga: 1996.
  • Caja Rural del Duero: 1992.
  • Caja Rural de Baleares: 1989.