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Improvements to security

11 De de 2012

Security has been tightened by improving the Text Message Signature system for accounting operations carried out via Electronic Banking. The new system will combine sending a text message to the customer's mobile phone and entering coordinates from their codes card.

For accounting operations which are currently signed using a text message signature, customers must now enter two coordinates from their personal codes card, one indicated on screen and the other sent to their mobile phone in a free text message. In other words, with this new system, instead of an alphanumerical code being sent to the customer's mobile, they will be informed of the second coordinate on their card which they must enter.

This change further strengthens the security of Electronic Banking, and deactivates new types of trojans adapted to smartphones which have recently appeared. If your mobile or PC is infected with one of these trojan viruses, when you access electronic banking you will see a fairly convincing message asking you to:

  • Sign a fictitious transfer, to verify a new security system being implemented by the bank, although in actual fact the transfer is carried out and credited to the criminal's account.
  • Install a new security system on your mobile, which is actually a trojan virus which intercepts text messages with the codes to sign electronic banking operations, and reuses them to carry out fraudulent operations.

Finally, we would recommend that you regularly visit the security section of the website.