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Change in operations signing of electronic banking

25 De de 2013

Please be advised that as of 15/03 we will be updating the system used to sign Electronic Banking operations:

  • If the operation you are carrying out is deemed to be significant*, the signing process will be as it was before; in other words, you will be sent one of the coordinates to your mobile phone by means of a free text message.
  • If the operation is not deemed to be significant*, you will be asked to enter two coordinates from your Personal Codes Card and it will no longer be necessary to receive a text message on your mobile, thereby speeding up the majority of your regular transactions.

Easier and just as secure.

*Significant transaction: Any transaction that the system classifies as significant having conducted an immediate internal analysis. These might be infrequent operations, for a large amount of money, repeated over a short period of time, or owing to random controls, etc.