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New features and improvements to My Finances

20 De de 2013

The personal economy service, My Finances, available free of charge through electronic banking, has incorporated improvements and new features based on your suggestions, including:

  • Adding movements manually. This way, you can include income and outgoings that take place outside of the accounts you have included in My Finances, for example, any cash transactions.
  • Dividing movements. One movement can be divided into various "sub-movements" which can then be placed into different categories, assigned tags or comments, etc. A withdrawal or a retail purchase could be subdivided in order to indicate part of the money that was allocated to groceries and another to cleaning products.
  • Linking a document on the cloud to a movement. Link documents to a movement without having to upload them; just indicate the URL where they are located.
  • Graphs and tables of earnings and expenditure by tags. Graphs showing the distribution and evolution of earnings and expenditure can be shown not only by categories, but also by tags as well.
  • Creating categories and the possibility of renaming categories created by default.

My Finances is a free service that helps you to organise your accounts better. Getting a full picture of your finances has never been so easy and useful. If you have already registered, log in now to see the improvements (in Spanish).

If you don't yet know about this service, you can find out more information on the webpage and register free of charge using your electronic banking access codes. You can find out the status and evolution of your personal economy: changes in the balances of your financial products (accounts, deposits, credit cards, loans, etc.), income and expenditure, movements, etc.