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Associate your online banking with the free Latch application and obtain an extra level of security

10 De de 2015

Download Latch on your smart phone and block online access to your bank accounts, preventing their use even when the passwords are correctly introduced. The application will send a notification to your smart phone alerting of any undesired attempted access when the service is blocked.

Another option that Latch offers is to keep access open but block transfer options, preventing the movement of funds from your accounts. In this case, the code for signing your transactions will be received via Push notification sent by Latch, instead of by SMS, as is currently the case.

After installing the Latch app on your smart phone, indicate that you wish to add a service and introduce the code that the application will display on screen on our electronic banking page, in the Tools > Configuration > Latch option.

Firstly, initiate the pairing process from the password change option on electronic banking. You will be asked to enter a pairing code.

Sign into the Latch app and on the home screen press "Add service".

On the Add service screen, click Generate pairing code.

Enter the code shown on your app screen into your electronic banking site.

Once the pairing process is complete, you will receive a notification on the Latch app.

Now you can configure the service locking options!

Latch is the free application for smart phones that enables you to "switch" electronic banking and other online services "on and off". It is an initiative by Eleven Paths, the Telefónica Digital subsidiary focused on innovation in security products, led by Chema Alonso. Once installed on your smart phone, it acts as a safety latch which opens and closes the different online services that you wish to associate and whenever somebody tries to access them whilst blocked, the application sends out an alert, hence reinforcing security.

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