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App for Windows 8

05 De de 2015

Install the new Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar app on your PC with Windows 8 and on your tablet with Windows 8 Pro. Now available free from the Windows store.

    Once you have downloaded the app, you can use the following services:
  • Electronic Banking. Check your balance and banking operations with absolute security. Log on using your electronic banking codes and check your accounts, cards, deposits, loans, etc. You can also order transfers, pay bills, top up your mobile or set up a Hal-Cash payment to make cash withdrawals from ATMs without needing a card.

  • Online broker. Check the main stock indexes and exchanges, and buy and sell securities.

  • My Finances. The service that helps you to improve the organisation of your personal finances. Getting a full picture of your finances has never been so easy and useful.

  • Search for branches and ATMs. Find Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar branches or ATMs on the map.

  • Property search. Find a property.

  • Information about our products and services, as well as contact details.

Further information.