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We are improving the notifications service on our App

07 De de 2015

Our application for mobiles and tablets now includes new settings for the notifications service, which provides free alerts when movements or operations are registered in your accounts.

  • Define the time of day you would like to receive these alerts, avoiding rest times so that these messages do not disturb you.
  • Activate all the alerts you wish to receive in one go. You no longer need to activate them one by one. You can activate all the ones you want for a specific card or account at the same time.
  • Alerts for operations carried out via electronic banking. We will also keep you informed of any movement of funds carried out through the electronic banking service.
  • You can deactivate the SMS alert service if you are still receiving them in order to avoid possible confusion caused by receiving messages with the same information twice.
  • Delete all notifications as a block, in one go, from the general list, thereby clearing the screen.

Remember, this service is activated using the “Notifications” option of the application menu. Once you have entered your electronic banking access codes, you can then adjust the settings for the alerts you would like to receive. Examples are: salary credited to account, retail purchase, or transfer credited to account.

And the most important advantage: you can register for this service free of charge and all notifications are also sent free of charge.