ATM news for November 2016

04 de Noviembre, 2016

Here are some highlights of new functions to be introduced to our ATMs in November.

Cardless Cash.

It’s now possible to withdraw cash without a card, via the “Efectivo sin tarjeta” option in our app, by typing in the amount you require. Once confirmed, you can withdraw this amount form any Cajamar cashpoint by pressing the “Dinero sin tarjeta” button on the home screen.

Botón Hal Cash

Opciones en Dinero sin tarjeta


Unblock the Internet Purchases option

If you card has become blocked whilst making Internet purchases, you can now unblock it in our ATMs without having to enter the branch.

Desbloquear compras por internet


Contactless operations.

Card configuration options now include activation or deactivation of contactless functionality for purchases and ATMs.

Desactivar servicio Contactless


Transfer limits.

For security reasons, transfers ordered via ATM are limited to 1000€ per person and day. This limit can be modified within your branch.