We've updated our mobile banking apps

16 de Agosto, 2016

A new version of our apps is now available. This version includes the following updates: 

  • Direct access to the Latch app. Latch is a mobile app that allows you to add an extra layer of security to mobile banking. Manage the extra layer of security that Latch affords you from within the app menu. If Latch is installed on your device, you will be linked directly to it. If it's not installed, you will be redirected to the relevant app store.


  • News feed. All the news regarding Electronic Banking and Security just one click away, with no need to abandon the app. 


  • For Android devices:We've updated the user interface to "Material Design", made to be closer, familiar and very intuitive.


Novedades agosto 2016

Available today on Google Play and the iOS Appstore. 

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