Updates to the Efactura platform

07 de Noviembre, 2016

You can now access the new version of Grupo Cajamar’s Efactura platform.

Here are some of the improvements in this version:

  • New Interface.
  • Integration with FACe , Bbiscaytik, Ayuntamiento de Bilbao and other Ayuntamientos in the Basque Country.
  • Improved search filters.
  • New multicompany functionality (permits one individual user to access more than one company).
  • New fields for Invoice creation and agenda to input the interlocutor’s fiscal details (legal personality, denomination...)
  • Improved invoice submission via email for external users

Grupo Cajamar’s Efactura platform facilitates the submission and receipt of electronic invoices via e-banking, without the need for external programs, electronic certificates or adaptation to each and every client or provider. More details, and enrolment, are available at your branch.

(*) Se usará el título del recurso

(*) Se usará el título del recurso