New "Sticker" card. Stick it onto your mobile and pay. Now Free.

18 de Noviembre, 2015

It's hit the streets. Our latest method of payment, the "Sticker" micro card, so called because you can stick it onto your mobile phone, is now available to all customers via electronic banking FREE OF CHARGE.

Up to 31 December, online banking users can apply for this card at no cost. After that date, it will cost just ?5 to issue. The "Sticker" was originally a prepaid card, which could be topped up and discharged just like the "eshopping" virtual card available through electronic banking. However, if the customer wishes, once it has been activated, they can switch it over to a debit card, so that all their purchases will be automatically charged to the account linked to the card.

The "Sticker" is a very easy way to make small purchases, since you don't have to enter your PIN for payments of less than ?20. Just touch your mobile to a card reader bearing a contactless logo and payment is immediate. We invite you to get your friends hooked on the "Sticker" with a simple: Have you got a mobile? Look, I can pay with it.