New functions in our ATMs

03 de Abril, 2017

We have added new functions to our ATMs, so you can access more services without having to wait for branch opening hours:

Card Lock/Unlock. If you are not going to use your card for a while and wish to make sure that nobody else can use it in the meantime, you can lock the card, in Home Banking or in our ATMs, using the option Configuration> Lock/unlock card.

(*) Se usará el título del recursoTo unlock a locked card, use either Home Banking, or in one of our ATMs, you should introduce another (unlocked) card of yours, since locked cards cannot operate in ATMs.

Cash deposits over 1,000 Euros . Companies with deposit cards can now make deposits of more than 1,000 Euros in our ATMs. This service is particularly useful for companies that deal with large amounts of cash during the day and need to make numerous cash deposits without having to wait until the following morning.

Other improvements: We have made a few more, smaller changes to make our ATMs easier to use:

  • Once you finish an operation with your pass book, it won´t automatically be ejected from the ATM. That way you can continue with a new operation if you so desire.
  • You can now visualise balance and account movements of other banks' cards on screen.
  • After making a cash withdrawal with cards from other Banks, you will be asked if you wish to see the related account's movements.