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"My dream is called celebrating the perfect wedding with the love of my life."

financiacion credirealidad boda

"My dream is called furnishing my bachelorette pad to enjoy my little slice of the world."

financiacion credirealidad amueblar

"My dream is called riding on a tuk-tuk around the bustling streets of Thailand."

financiacion credirealidad viaje

You can make all this happen, along with any other hopes and dreams, thanks to our Credirealidad loan.

be With no arrangement fees, if you sign up through Electronic Banking.

Tell us your dreams, think about how much it will cost, the amount of time you think you would need to pay for it... And try out our Credirealidad Machine

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tu ilusion

Doing up your house...sending your daughter to university, getting her a car, getting yourself a car... your motorbike, a family holiday, her favourite treat, your life's ambition.

tu documentacion

Your payslip, your pension slip, your self-employment social security receipt, proforma invoice, working record, tax return...

tu credirealidad

Agile, simple, fast, without the intervention of a notary public...