Personal loan

A personal loan to make it Credirealidad?

We see you enjoying the photography safari of your dreams

personal loan for your trip

We see you doing up your terrace, getting new kitchen appliances or simply enjoying your dream holiday with friends and family...

You can make all this happen, along with any other hopes and dreams, through our Credirealidad personal loan.

be With no arrangement fees, if you sign up through Electronic Banking.

And now, with exclusive conditions for amounts between €12,000 and €60,000.

NIR 5,95% - APR 6,12%(1)

From 3 to 120 months

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(1) Exclusive finance conditions for loans arranged exclusively through Grupo Cajamar's Online Banking and App, for any purpose, with the exception of debt reunification. Example for €25,000. APR 6.12%, over a period of 96 months, with monthly repayments of €327.93/month. 0.00% arrangement fee. NIR 5.95% and total amount due: € 31,481.28. Finance conditions valid until 15/09/2019 for a minimum amount of €12,000 and a maximum amount of €60,000 from 3 to 120 months. For other finance amounts or repayment schedules, see our website for terms and conditions. Offer subject to the risk concession requirements and conditions of GCC Consumo, Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, S.A. View other financing options. Finance granted by GCC Consumo, Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, S.A. C/ Retama, 3. 28045 Madrid. Entered in the Madrid Trade Register: Volume 34,366, Folio 24, Section 8, Sheet M-618180, 1st Entry. Tax Code (CIF): A87435590. Entered in the Register of Entities No. 8839. Member of ASNEF No. 526.

Finance provided by GCC Consumo (Cajamar Consumo)

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Your personal loan is so straightforward...

calcular préstamo para tu proyecto

After calculating the loan you need to do up your home...cover your daughter's education, her car, your car... your bike, everyone's travel, her favourite treat, your life's dream

documentación para contratar tu crédito personal

You will be able to enter information about your salary, your pension, self-employment social security, pro-forma invoice, length of activity, self-assessment tax return...

haz credirealidad tu sueño

To get your personal loan quickly and easily, without the need to involve a notary public...