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Sometimes you just need a few calming words from your trusted bank to know that everything will be ok.

Through our Debt Consolidation service, we will cancel all your outstanding loans free of charge.


With just one
collecting entity

one repayment term

With just one
repayment term

peace of mind

With greater
peace of mind

...Before, his monthly repayments were:

"New bathroom" loan

€265.09 over 18 months

"Campervan" loan

€381.79 over 40 months

"Smart TV" credit card

€138.23 over 10 months

"Motorbike repairs" credit card

€167.60 over 9 months


€952.71 *

... I would also like to add a new project to install heating in my home for a total cost of €4.900

...Now, he has monthly repayments of:

€393.43 **

over 96 months

Finance provided by GCC Consumo (Cajamar Consumo)

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Consumer loans and credits, including credit cards (up to a maximum of 6 cards per operation).

There must be no late payments registered for the loans/credits you wish to consolidate.

It involves grouping together various loans and/or credits so you have just one loan and a singly monthly repayment.

  • The resulting monthly repayment will be lower than the sum total of the monthly instalments you are currently paying.
  • You will have greater control over your payments, since you will have just one monthly payment per month payable to just one bank.
  • And we will also handle the paperwork to cancel all the loans/credits you consolidate, free of charge. We may need your collaboration should any of the banking or credit entities involved expressly require your intervention.

Absolutly.You can include your new loan, which will be incorporated into your new single monthly repayment.

The amount requested cannot be less than €300 or more than €60,000, with a maximum repayment term of 120 months. And the resulting monthly repayment amount cannot be less than €18.

(1) Cajamar Consumo deals with all the cancellation paperwork free of charge. It might, however, require the customer's collaboration to mediate with third party Entities.
(*) "New Bathroom" loan, with an outstanding amount of € 4,330.61 over 18 months. "Campervan" loan, with an outstanding amount of € 13,204.63 over 40 months. "Smart TV" credit card, with an outstanding amount of € 1,269.23 over 10 months. "Motorbike repairs" credit card, with an outstanding amount of € 1,384.51 over 9 months.
(**) Example calculated for a total amount of €25,088.98 that includes: outstanding capital amounts from previous loans (€20,188.98) and the new finance amount required (€4,900), with the following financial conditions: APR 12.51%, for a repayment term of 96 months, with monthly repayments of €393.43. Arrangement fee 3%, NIR 10.95% and total chargeable amount of €38,521.95. Offer subject to the lending requirements and conditions of GCC Consumo, Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, S.A. Finance conditions valid until 15/09/2019. Finance provided by GCC Consumo, Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, S.A. C/Retama 3. 28045 Madrid. Entered in the Madrid Trade Register: Volume 34,366, Folio 24, Section 8, Sheet M-618180, 1st entry. Cif A87435590. Entered in the Register of Entities No. 8839. Associates in Asnef Nº526.

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