Defer payment with your mobile

aplaza pago con movil

You can defer the payment you made just a few minutes ago...
using your mobile. The answer is in your hand

Now, you can defer payment on purchases you have just made...using your mobile!

Now, when you spend over 200 euros, on one of our credit cards, you will receive a text message offering you the chance to defer payment on your purchase, depending on the amount, over the following terms.

  • If the purchase is for between 200 and 500 euros, deferment is for 3 months plus interest.
  • If the purchase is for between 500.01 and 1,000 euros, deferment is for 6 months plus interest.
  • For purchases in excess of 1,000 euros, deferment is for 9 months plus interest.

Wow... Make the most of this opportunity and organise your shopping so it's easier than ever before to pay... Answer your text message, Confirm the Operation, and enjoy...