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If you are thinking of buying something, or you just have, this might be of interest to you. If you have a minute and one of our credit cards, you can buy now and pay later.

It's simple:

  • You decide over how many months you would like to spread your payment (from 2 to 60).
  • You can even delay when you start paying (1, 3, or up to 6 months).

Calculate your instalments (in Spanish):

Aplaza tu compra de tarjeta de crédito

...and now, you decide where you want to defer your payments:


Using your computer*

Log into Electronic Banking and go to the section Cards > Movements. Choose the card used, and defer the transaction.


Using your mobile*

Open up our App and go to the section Mobile Banking > Cards > Defer payment.


At the shop

If the shop has a Cajamar card reader, tell the sales assistant you would like to defer payment on your purchase.


At your branch

Once you have made the purchase, but before the card balance is repaid (on the last day of the month), drop into your branch and talk to your personal adviser.

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At the ATM

Using the same credit card, go to Other Functions > Manage credit > Defer payment.

*Option available to Electronic Banking customers. If you are not yet one, apply here. (in Spanish)

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Any questions?

Log into Online Banking, Cards, and find the 'General' tab. Then choose your card and you can find out all the important information about that card.