Sticker Contactless Card

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It's so easy to pay with your Sticker card.

Presenting the new Sticker Contactless Card from Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar. This new card incorporates Contactless technology, allowing you to pay much more easily, since you only have to touch it to the card machine.


1. Secure

Offering the same levels of security as any other VISA card. Furthermore, as it doesn't have a magnetic strip, it can't be cloned.

2. Quick

Stick the sticker anywhere you want, for example, on the back of your mobile, and you can pay by touching it to any contactless card machine. Spend up to €20 without having to enter your PIN(*).

3. Easy

Always to hand to pay for everyday purchases without having to carry cash. Or you can even use it at certain adapted ATMs.

Manage your Sticker card using our APP or through Electronic Banking:

Top up and download, view balances and transactions, change your PIN...
All much quicker.

What are you waiting for?

Pursuant to Act 22/2007, of 11 July, regarding the remote commercialisation of financial services aimed at consumers, we provide Pre-contract information (in Spanish) (PDF 100 KB.).

Learn to use it

1. How can I use it?

Push out

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paso 2

2. Where can I use it?

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Check to see whether the shop has the Contactless logo or ask before you pay.

3. How does it work?

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You don't need to enter your PIN for amounts less than €20. Touch your card to the machine and a 'beep' will confirm that the transaction has been processed. Then it will print out a receipt.

(*) Only 4 transactions can be carried out without entering your PIN per day using the Sticker card. To activate it again, just view your balance or carry out an operation at an ATM, or make a purchase for more than 20 Euros.

(1) After 31/12, the card will carry an issuance charge of €5.