Club de Compras Card

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Every time you spend, you receive a discount

We offer you a card which receives you a discount every time you buy.

Type: credit card.


  • Means of payment in shops and businesses all over the world (over 900,000 in Spain and over 20 million worldwide)
  • Access to cashpoint machines for consulting balances and movements, recharging mobile phone cards, etc.
  • Cash from cashpoints all over the world with the VISA logo (over 40,000 in Spain and over 600,000 worldwide)


1% discount on every purchase you make.

Maximum security in your purchases, thanks to EMV technology; maximum security for online shopping; and the chance to choose between paying a fixed amount or a percentage of your monthly consumption.

Means of payment:

  • Credit:
    • Amortisation of a fixed percentage of the balance every month, with the rest owed.
    • Amortisation of a fixed amount every month, regardless of the balance owed.
  • With POSTPONED YOUR PURCHASE can select a specific purchase and choose how to pay it.

And with Free Insurance:

    All the information you need:
  • Issuance fee: 30 euros. Maintenance charge: 60 euros.