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Visa Premier Card

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Visa Premier Card


To cover accidents that befall the card holder, only for cards held by private individuals under the age of 70, anywhere in the world, whilst performing their professional activities or during their ordinary life, including any accidents resulting from the use of ordinary means of transportation, and the practice of sport as a leisure activity, with the exception of the limitations established in the general terms and conditions.


The insured sum will be equivalent to the amount of the charges made to the Card account for purchases made during the twelve months prior to the accident, with a maximum limit of:

Visa Classic Card: €3,005.00  Visa Gold Card: €6,010.12

Note: This guarantee will not be effective for credit cards charged to a company account.

If you need further information, please visit your local Branch Cajamar Caja Rural or call our Customer Service Department on 901 511 000.