Accident insurance

Visa Premier Card

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Visa Premier Card


Guarantee the payment of the compensations described below for any bodily damage suffered by the insured parties as a result of an accident which might befall them anywhere in the world, in accordance with the risks covered and the specific limitations determined in the Specific, Special and/or General Terms and Conditions.


Death, absolute or partial permanent incapacity, kidnapping costs and loss of luggage.


Coverage is limited to travel made on public transport, authorised for the transportation of passengers, providing the travel amount or ticket is paid for using the card covered by this insurance.


Personal cards: maximum of 4 people in total. Company cards: maximum of 6 people in total.

In the event of a claim: if the number of people affected who paid for their ticket using the same card is higher than the maximum number of people insured per card as described above, maximum overall compensation will be pro-rated between them.

Maximum insured amount
Card Death Permanent disability scale Absolute professional incapacity
Visa Premier Card 601.012,00 € 601.012,00 € 601.012,00 €
If you need further information, please visit your local Branch Cajamar Caja Rural or call our Customer Service Department on 901 511 000.