Non-working days on which remittances will not be processed

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Remittance management

Below is information about the days on which remittances will not be processed, deferring them until the following working day.

Non-working days for exchange and settlement as marked in the TARGET calendar that also regulates the SEPA subsystems (SEPA transfers and SEPA debits -B2B, CORE, CORE1) have been obtained from the SNCE communication on the web de Iberpay (in Spanish).

All other days in the year that are not included in this list are considered working days for the purposes of exchange and settlement within the SEPA subsystems, and therefore they should be taken into account particularly with regard to timeframes for returns and refunds, especially for B2B Debits.

Non Working Days for Exchange and Settlement 2016
All Saturdays and Sundays in the year.
1 January – New Year’s Day
24 March – Good Friday
25 March– Easter Monday
1 May – Labour Day
25 December – Christmas Day