Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy

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Board of Governors
Name Position Counsellor type
Mr. Eduardo Baamonde Noche Presidente Other external
Mr. Francisco Lorente Brox Vicepresidente 1º Other external
Mr. José Luis Heredia Celdrán Vicepresidente 2º Executive
Mrs. María Luisa Trinidad García Secretaria Other external
Mr. Jesús María Martínez de Salinas Alonso Vocal Other external
Mrs. María Ángeles Pérez Paracuellos Vocal Other external
Mr. Bartolomé Viúdez Zurano Vocal Executive
Mr. Juan Colomina Figueredo Vocal Other external
Mr. Enrique Ramón Colilles Cascallar Vocal Other external
Mr. Vicente Lillo Sirvent Laboral counsellor Other external

All appointments of members of the Steering Committee and the Managing Director, since the creation of the Appointments and Remunerations Committee (previously the Appointments and Remunerations Committee) within BCC, by virtue of its authority as the parent company of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, have been agreed and approved.

Operating Rules of the Governing Board of Cajamar Caja Rural (in Spanish) (PDF 1022 KB.)

Executive board
President Mr. Eduardo Baamonde Noche
Secretary Mrs. María Luisa Trinidad García
Ordinary member Mr. Francisco Lorente Brox
Ordinary member Mr. José Luis Heredia Celdrán
Ordinary member Mr. Bartolomé Viúdez Zurano

Managing Director: Mr. Francisco José González López

CRO: Fernando José Fernández Martínez