Remittance management

Bills, salaries, transfers, direct debits and advance credit payments

Cajamar Caja Rural can manage your remittances for SEPA direct debits, transfers, and financed debits:

  • If you do not have your own file generation programme in line with European standards, we can offer you the following tools:
    • the programme Génesis programme (in Spanish) , which you can download free of charge and install onto your computer, allowing you to create remittances quickly, simply, and easily. If you prefer, you can also check all the rules and specifications to develop your own programme.
    • or, if you do not wish to install a programme, you can create, manage, and send files on line directly from Electronic Banking using the tool Web Remittances tool (in Spanish) , available once you have logged in.
  • Send remittances easily through Electronic Banking, in record time.
  • Find out detailed information and the status of remittances presented through Cajamar Caja Rural.
  • Obtain from electronic banking information about returned bills and variations in drawees’ accounts.

You can register to issue remittances with your local branch of Cajamar Caja Rural