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Issuing an international banking

In order to issue an International Guarantee, you must have a Foreign Trade Facility in place.

To request the issuance of such a Guarantee, you must provide the following:

  • Application form to issue an International Guarantee: your branch will provide you with this form, and you must indicate all the information required, such as the amount, expiry (due date), type of guarantee, etc.
  • Copy of the contract or pro-forma invoice to be covered by the guarantee.
  • We have based on the recommendations of the International Chamber of Commerce. Unless we receive instructions from you to the contrary, we will use the standard text to issue the guarantee.
    If the guarantee beneficiary requires a certain wording, you must provide this text to us so we can evaluate whether it is possible to issue the guarantee with the terms requested.

To request a modification of a guarantee issued previously, you must send a signed letter to your branch indicating the modifications to be made and providing the reference number of the guarantee you wish to amend.