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Pension plans risk indicator

Risk Indicator required by the O.M. ECC/2316/2015

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Pay-out of the allowance or exercising the right to redeem the investment made is only possible in the event of one of the exceptional liquidity contingencies or circumstances regulated by legislation governing pension plans and funds.

The value of the rights or mobilisation, allowances, and exceptional liquidity circumstances depends on the market value of the assets in the pension fund, and can lead to substantial losses.

You can check the risk of each Pension Plan in its own content

Why choose our pension plans?


The sooner you start, the less effort and the more you save.


The bigger the amount, the bigger the tax break.(Up to the legal maximum of €8,000)


You can collect on your plan after 10 years. (As of 2025)

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We have one for every age and situation.

Our plans

Key information for fundholders is available by clicking on each of the plans or at any of our branches.

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