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As we have seen previously, in order to guarantee collection of payment, the most important thing is to make sure all the documentation presented is correct and contains no discrepancies.

Below are the main points you should bear in mind when drawing up documentation, to avoid submitting it with discrepancies:

  • You must present the documents required in box 46A of the documentary credit, and always in the same language as the credit.
  • All the documents must indicate the reference of the documentary credit (box 20 of our terms and conditions)
  • All documents must indicate the ordering party and beneficiary of the documentary credit as shown in boxes 50 and 59 respectively of the documentary credit.
  • Box 45A (description of the goods) must appear in full, worded exactly as it is on the invoice. It is also advisable to include box 45A on all documents.
  • Documents must be coherent with one another.
  • Remember the shipment deadline (box 44C) when shipping the goods.
  • Expiry date (box 31D): you must present all the commercial documents at the latest by the expiry date indicated in the documentary credit.

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