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Retailers or franchises

Are you a retailer or a franchise?
We have what you need:

Multi-Product Policy

This is a global credit facility that your company can use to cover all its short-term finance needs.

All your cash-flow requirements covered.

Exclusive product for self-employed professionals and microbusinesses.

It offers finance to purchase vehicles under very good conditions thanks to the collaboration of the European Investment Fund.

All the services and advantages your business needs .

We can provide all the services and tools you need to revitalise your business.


It is a finance system that allows you to enjoy the goods you need for your business activity by paying rental instalments for a pre-established period of time.

This is an agile formula that allows you to purchase vehicles, machinery, buildings (offices, industrial premises…), computer equipment, etc.

Thinking about setting up a franchise?

We have all the information you need to get your business off the ground.

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