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Import documentary credits

To issue an Import Letter of Credit, you must have a Foreign Trade Facility in place.

  1. As an importer, visit your branch to request this operation in one of two possible ways:
    • By filling in the specific form provided by your branch.
    • By providing your own set of instructions clearly indicating that the operation requested should be linked to your Foreign Trade Facility, with the corresponding number.
    • Via Online Banking: on entering the International/Foreign Trade / Documentary Credits section, you will be able to consult your valid documentary credits, those pending issue or even issue a new one based on a previously issued documentary credit or starting from scratch.
  2. Once it has been requested, we will issue a Swift message and provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions for you to pass on to your supplier.
  3. When your supplier presents the documents and they are received by the bank, your branch will contact you to notify you that they have been received.
    The documents shall be accompanied by a letter confirming receipt/waiving discrepancies, which you must sign.
  4. Payment shall be made on the agreed date provided the documents presented are correct or you have given the order to waive any discrepancies.

If, during the term of a Letter of Credit, you need to modify any of its terms, you will have to request said modifications by means of a letter indicating the operation reference. You must sign this letter and send it to your branch, which will process the request for said modifications.

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