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A cheque is a method of on demand payment whereby the issuer of the cheque (drawer / importer) authorises an individual or legal entity (beneficiary / exporter) to withdraw funds available in a bank or financial entity (drawee).


  • Personal cheque: document drawn against a customer’s account, which at the time of collection might or might not have funds. The advantage is that it is issued quickly, without having to go to your bank in person.
  • Banker’s cheque: issued by a bank or financial entity, which will honour the payment, so collection is more secure than in the case of a personal cheque or a current account.
    Even so, we must be cautious when trusting in the security of a banker’s cheque, since our customer might have given us a fake cheque. Before approving the document, and should you have any doubts, contact your bank or financial entity, which will request verification by means of the Swift System that the cheque has truly been issued by the corresponding bank.

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