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Virtual PoS


This is a service for making sales and collecting payment via credit cards, allowing businesses to manage payments made by customers for sales generated through their webpage. It is a system that offers absolute confidence and security for the seller and buyer.

Owing to the current economic climate, companies are increasingly turning to internet sales as a way of combatting declining sales in the national market. The virtual PoS Terminal is, therefore, an increasingly popular means of collecting payments for small operations, eliminating borders between countries.


Firstly, a sale is made over the internet, and the virtual PoS Terminal is used by the buyer, who enters their card details in a completely secure environment.

The system will verify these details with the financial entity or bank on line, the transaction will be carried out, and the purchased goods will be sent.

Bearing in mind that goods are not dispatched until payment is made effective, this is a secure means of payment collection for exporters.

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