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  • : in a documentary credit or letter of credit, the vendor.
  • : body that, among other functions, supports the internationalisation of companies.
  • :issued by a bank or financial entity, which will honour the payment when it is presented for collection.
  • :document drawn against a customer’s account, which at the time of collection, might or might not have funds.
  • :when the recipient bank adds an additional payment guarantee in favour of the beneficiary.
  • : contact the exchange rate desk to agree on a term or a spot rate in order to ascertain the equivalent value of the currency of an operation.
  • :foreign exchange operation that guarantees payment to the supplier upon presentation of the correct documents.
  • : when, as part of a documentary credit or letter of credit, the documentation presented by the vendor does not meet the terms and conditions set out in the credit, the documents are said to present discrepancies.
  • : documents pertaining to imports or exports, which identify the amount, quantities and origin of the goods, as well as the collection of goods and other requirements pertaining to customs and excise.
  • :in a documentary credit or letter of credit, the deadline by which documents must be presented.
  • : advancing of funds pertaining to a sale made abroad.
  • : sending of funds abroad charged to the ordering party on a date subsequent to the dispatch date.
  • : when a bank issues a guarantee in favour of a customer in a different country to the country of origin, in order to guarantee the obligations of the issuer.
  • (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior – Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade): promotes and facilitates the international projection of Spanish companies.
  • : they set out the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller in terms of transportation, insurance, freight, etc.
  • : in a documentary credit or letter of credit, the buyer.
  • :collection management of commercial documents, which can also include financial documents.
  • :collection management of financial documents.
  • : foreign currency contract for a stipulated term.
  • (Single European Payments Area): single European area created with a view to improving the efficiency of payment processes between different countries in the Euro Zone.
  • (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication): network for banking intercommunication that ensures international trade transactions are fast and secure.
  • : urgent system for sending funds in euros within the Euro Zone.
  • :in a documentary credit or letter of credit, variation permitted in the quantity of goods or the monetary amount.
  • : Payment method whereby the buyer / importer orders their bank or financial entity to issue a SWIFT message sending funds to the exporter’s bank, indicating the payment reference.