Visa Premier Card

Pay for your shopping your way

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Pay for your shopping your way

The GOLD card which offers you the most credit and prestige, as well as several ways to pay your purchases as you prefer.


Credit card.


  • Means of payment in commercial establishments all over the world (over 900,000 in Spain and over 20 million in the rest of the world)
  • Access at Cajamar Caja Rural and SERVIRED cashpoints for consulting balances and movements, transfers, recharging phone cards, etc.
  • Cash withdrawals in cashpoint machines anywhere in the world with the VISA logo (over 40,000 in Spain and over 600,000 in other countries)

Means of payment:

  • Credit: interest free payment at the end of the month.
  • With POSTPONED YOUR PURCHASE can select a specific purchase and choose how to pay it.

And with free insurance:

    All the information you need:
  • Issuance fee: 45 euros. Maintenance charge: 60 euros.