Via T

Now with Cajamar Caja Rural Via T, you can pay your motorway tolls without having to stop or get out of your car when you drive onto or off a motorway.

What is Cajamar Caja Rural Via T?

Cajamar Caja Rural Via T is a small, simple device which enables you to pay tolls without stopping, easily installed on your car's windscreen, which emits a series of waves which are detected by the systems in motorway tollbooths.

How does Cajamar Caja Rural Via T work?

On entering the tollbooth ramp (at a maximum speed of 40 Km/h) and going through the Via T lane, an antenna in the booth will detect your Cajamar Caja Rural Via T device.
Once it is detected and contact made, the transaction takes place automatically, so that your Cajamar Caja Rural Via T will beep to confirm payment of the toll. After the beep, the traffic light will turn green and the barrier will lift automatically, allowing you to return to the motorway and continue your journey.
The amount of the toll will then be charged to your Cajamar Caja Rural account.

Where can I use Cajamar Caja Rural Via T?

You can use Cajamar Caja Rural Via T at two types of tollbooth, which are easily identifiable:

  • Exclusive lanes
    Lanes reserved exclusively for users of the remote toll payment system.
    To have access to these, you must have your Cajamar Caja Rural Via T installed. The traffic sign identifying these lanes is circular, with a white capital T on a blue background.
  • Mixed lanes
    Lanes which as well as remote toll system payments, can be used with other forms of payment (credit cards and cash). The traffic signal identifying these is rectangular, with a white T on a blue background.

Payment type: Cash

Via T account holders can register for the different discounts and billing offered by the licensee companies. Moreover, you can find more information on VIA T in