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Mailbox. All your documents in one place

How can you access your Mailbox?

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If you have Online Banking

Log into your Online Banking

You will need your access codes.

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If you don’t have Online Banking

Access the Electronic Headquarters

You will need a card or mobile phone.

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What if I don’t have Online Banking and am unable to access the Electronic Headquarters?

If you have provided us with your mobile phone number, you can request it through an ATM or at any of our branches.

In your Mailbox, you’ll be able to access all your documents at any time.

Forget about having to rifle through a tonne of paperwork. Now you can have all your documentation online, available for you to read whenever you want.

Here are all the advantages:

Seguridad - Buzón


Only you can access it with your private codes. All your documents will be secure.

Comodidad - Buzón online


Access your Mailbox anytime, anywhere

Rapidez - Buzón online


When you have a new document available we will notify you by email immediately.

Interactividad - Buzón


You can approve documents or respond without going to your branch.

Ecológico - Buzón


It avoids generating paper documents and helps to protect the environment.

Gratuito - Buzón


The Mailbox is free of charge. Activate it and use it.

How does the Mailbox work?

In this figure (in Spanish), you can see how to view, download, and print all the documents held in your Mailbox.

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