One Sheet at a Time

"Turning over a new leaf"

Help us to turn over a new leaf and turn every piece of paper you receive into a leaf on a tree.

Activate your new i-Buzón VIRTUAL MAILBOX:

  • Call us free on 900 151 010, with no more paperwork...
  • or print out and fill in the following form, and then hand it into your regular branch.

When you use your i-Buzón virtual mailbox, you will enjoy numerous advantages such as INTERACTIVE and SECURE information, FAST access and the EASE of being able to view your correspondence at any time of the day or night (24 HOURS) from anywhere in the world and completely FREE.

10 reasons to be e-Connected

With your new i-Buzón virtual mailbox, you can forget about misplacing information or spending ages sifting through mountains of paperwork looking for a document that you can never find when you need it the most.

We will send you an e-mail notifying you every time you have a new document available to view. You no longer have to wait over a week to find out which transactions have gone through your account.

Now you can do your bit to help the environment by reducing the number of trees being cut down. At Cajamar Caja Rural, we have prepared this platform and we have launched a tree planting project to help our planet be more habitable. We have done our bit; the rest is up to you. Get on board!

Look forward to seeing you soon. I'm on board. Are you?


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