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Grupo Cajamar, the best Spanish financial entity in management of environmental, social and governance risk

08 de Septiembre, 2020

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has received the second best global rating, only behind Rabobank, out of the 378 entities included in the diversified banking sub-industry (retail banking) ranking, granted by Sustainalytics, an international benchmark in the issuance of sustainability rating reports. Likewise, among the general banking industry, it holds the 29th position and has obtained the best rating out of the main Spanish entities.

In this recent report, released in August 2020, Sustainalytics considers that Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar is exposed to a low risk of suffering any financial impact due to environmental, social and governance factors, thanks to the thoroughness of its management. The agency highlights the strength of its corporate governance, with better policies and programs than the average, and its sound management when determining factors such as business ethics, the integration of ESG factors in finance, product governance and human capital. It also highlights that the disclosure of ESG risks follows best practices, showing a strong responsibility to investors and the market. It also highlights that environmental, social and governance issues are part of its business strategy.

The rating granted by this agency emphasizes the historical commitment of the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar’s entities to introduce the financial activity into sustainable development, in accordance with their ethical management system and their involvement in social economy.

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