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Grupo Cajamar brings pension payments forward to 22 May

21 de Mayo, 2020

For the third month running, Grupo Cajamar's banks will pay state and Social Institute of the Navy pensions early, 22 May, to all customers who have arranged for their pensions to be deposited with Grupo Cajamar. The aim is to help protect the health of the elderly, extending the period at the end of the month when enquires concerning these payments tend to be made and paperwork completed.

As they now commonly do, Grupo Cajamar advisors will also contact pensioners to provide them with details of their pension for May so that they do not have to visit their local branch.

Grupo Cajamar would like to remind its customers that they can deposit or withdraw cash at any time and free of charge at any of the bank's ATMs and those of other banks. Where absolutely essential, before visiting a branch Cajamar recommends that customers to call to arrange an appointment to avoid queues and waiting times, and help it to serve them in the most orderly and safest way possible.



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